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18" Foils avalible for a wide variety of occasions. From 'New Baby' to 'Happy Retirement' and a huge selection of 'Happy Birthday' foils to choose from.

18" Celebration Foils

18" Age foils available in a variety of designs. Ages 1-18, then milestone birthdays following that. 

18" Age Foils

A very large selection of character foils available such as Paw Patrol, Unicorn and Mermaids, Batman and Avengers and even Emoji's!

18" Character Foils

18" Shaped foils (hearts, stars and circles) available in a wide range of colours. These foils can be personalised with handwriting (in a choice of colours), Glitter writting and even Vinyl Logos. 

18" Personalised Foils

18" Shaped foils available in hearts, stars or circles in a wide variety of colours. We also stock 'holographic' foils  in some colours.

18" Plain Foils

We can create a foil balloon cluster out of an assortment of our foil balloons or a latex balloon cluster with a foil balloon on top. These can sit on a table or the floor and can come in a range of sizes. 

18" Foil Clusters 

Foil Balloon Cluster 

A cluster containing a number of foil balloons (usually 3,5, 7, 9 etc.) arranged, on ribbons and placed on a box to stand on the floor or table. 

Cluster with Foil on Top

A latex cluster with a foil balloon on top (usually 2/4/6 latex balloons and one foil), arranged, on ribbons and placed on a box to stand on the floor or the table. 

Hand written Personalised

A plain foil that can be personalised with your own message and written by one of our staff. We have a variety of pen colours - sliver, black, white, pink etc. 

Vinyl Cut Logo

A plain foil that can be printed with a logo or design of your choice if you are looking for a custom design or something more unique.